Roof Underlay

Proctor Roofing Underlay is intended to control climate within the living space, it aims to protect the cooling and humidity within the living space from outer temperature, and it’s an excellent water proofing solution for all kind of roofing tiles.

Material : A triple layer polypropylene micro-porous film laminate with a proprietary moisture vapour-permeable adhesive

Description: It consist of three layer of Polypropylene Mirco Porous Film Laminate. And it is coated with a moisture vapour-permeable adhesive.

Roof Underlay is one of the most important parts of the whole roof system as it keeps your roof deck from getting soaked. To find great deals on roof underlay look no further than Keerthy Roofings. Find high quality roofing underlayment at a very competitive price.


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  • Water Resistant
  • Low Vapour Resistance
  • Air Permeable
  • No vapour control layer required.
  • Thickness: 0.5mm
  • Weight: 142g/m2
  • Roll length: 50m or 100m
  • Roll width: 1.5m or 3m
  • Colour: Silver /Black

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